Protesting teachers baton charged, arrested in Karachi

Police tear-gassed and baton-charged teachers protesting non-payment of salaries outside the Karachi Press Club here on Thursday.
Attempts by the police to disperse the protesting teachers, who were trying to make way toward Bilawal House on the eleventh day of their ongoing protest, are underway at the time this report was published.
At least ten protesting teachers were arrested and two injured in the process, according to a spokesperson of the teachers’ union.
The road leading toward the press club and the American Embassy in Karachi was blocked, this correspondent reported.
A large group of the protesting teachers, however, reached Burns Road via the Regal roundabout route, from where it is headed toward Bilawal House.
The provincial government hired the protesting teachers in 2012 and has not paid them since then for their services, the protestors claim.