Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif says considers Pak alliance with US ‘over’

Pakistan’s alliance with the United States seems to be coming towards an end following the latter’s decision to suspend security aid, Minister of Foreign Affairs Khawaja Asif told the Wall Street Journal in an interview late Saturday night.
Asif added that he believes the US-Pakistan relations are now at risk, especially after the tensions heightened and moods turned sour when President Donald Trump warned Islamabad to “do more” against terrorists, to whom, he alleges, the country provides safe havens.
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“We do not have any alliance [with the US], this is not how allies behave,” the minister emphasised to WSJ.
The foreign minister noted that the nation had erred when it became a party in the 2001 US campaign against Afghanistan, calling it a “huge mistake”.
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That decision, more than a decade ago, brought about the terrorist counteraction that seeped into Pakistan, creating a problem way bigger than could have been anticipated.