Pakistan’s Sacrifices in Fight Against Terrorism Unparalleled: Shehbaz Sharif

Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif said on Sunday that US President Donald Trump’s statement blaming Pakistan for lying to the US and protecting terrorists is regrettable.
Addressing an Ulema convention here, Shehbaz said Pakistan’s sacrifices in the fight against terrorism are unparalleled.
Trump on January 1 had said that the US had been rewarded with “nothing but lies and deceit” for giving Pakistan billions in aid. This was followed by a freeze to security aid by the US.
Speaking on the need for religious and sectarian harmony, the chief minister called upon religious scholars to play their role in the progress of the society, and asked the nations to exercise religious and national unity.
He said that Pakistan cannot afford to become a victim of anarchy. He said that sit-ins did not let the country make progress.
CM Shehbaz talked about Pakistan-US relations and said the statement of Donald Trump is regrettable in which he accused Pakistan of helping militants.
He reiterated that the sacrifices that Pakistan gave in the war against terrorism are unparalleled.
Shehbaz Sharif also urged the religious scholars to play their constructive role in Pakistan’s progress. He affirmed that no one can remain a Muslim without having faith in Khatm-e-Nabuwat (finality of prophethood).