New health technology showcased at CES 2018

The largest Consumer Electronics show in the world, CES, took place in Las Vegas. One sector gaining traction in the market is health care technology as people continually look for innovative ways to improve the quality of our lives.
From head to toe new tech increasingly has us covered. Chinese company Siren has developed this connected sock to help diabetics and their doctors track foot temperature. The technology is called neurofabric.
“It has six minor sensors to detect the temperature from the diabetic patient,” Siren Vice President said. “In the bottom of the sock, very small sensors. You cannot feel them.”
Shenzhen company MiLi said it’s created the first ever smart cap. It contains a connected UV meter that also serves as a golf marker.
“Actually this one, will keep reminding you that you have to protect yourself from sunburns.” said Summer Wong, Manager at MiLi.
Another growing trend is applying smart tech to baby care. The Carepatch by Cocoon Cam monitors a child’s temperature continuously. It removes sensors entirely – instead using a H-D camera to allow parents to not only watch, but also to have Artificial Intelligence monitor breathing patterns.
Andrew Birnik, Adviser, Cocoon Cam said “A lot of parents are afraid of SIDS. They want peace of mind to be reassured that your baby’s breathing.”
Sleeping technology for adults also featured at the show. Georgia based company Rocking Bed has come up with beds were designed to simulate the same motion obtained in infant cribs to enhance sleep and promote a deeper level of relaxation.
“We went on a cruise in 2000. It was the first time I’d ever felt a bed gently rocking back and forth. I got the best sleep of my life,” said Founder of Rocking Bed Mark Russell. “It kind of makes sense, we rock babies back and forth.