State institutions should not encroach upon each other’s jurisdiction: CJP

Chief Justice Saqib Nisar on Saturday talked at length over the issues in dispensing of justice to the common man, saying the judicial system in the country needs a major overhaul.
Talking to media, Justice Nisar said that many old laws, including that of colonial era, have not been amended or updated, terming it one of the hurdles in ensuring a healthy justice system.
“We accept the supremacy of the Parliament, and it is very important in a democracy that institutions do not encroach upon each others’ jurisdiction. But has the parliament updated these laws. This is a question I can’t answer,” he said.
He said that the judiciary is often blamed for delay in cases but there is more to the issue.
Judges, whether of the apex court of lower courts, have a lot of cases pending before them, which makes it extremely difficult to resolve them on time.
Therefore, he said, a major overhaul is needed to ensure provision of inexpensive and speedy justice to the people.
Speaking about judicial reforms, Justice Nisar said that judiciary in Punjab has seen the best reforms in the country, and has used technology and better organisation to reduce the frequency of pending cases.
The chief justice also advised judges that it is their responsibility to give decisions solely on the basis of law.
The chief justice had summoned a meeting today (Saturday) on reforms in the country’s judicial system, which will be attended by chief justices of all four high courts.
The meeting will be held in the Supreme Court’s Karachi registry.