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Trump’s Muslim aide hopeful for improvement in Pakistan-US relations

More than 70 years of Pakistan-US relationship cannot end in one month or week, says a Pakistani-American aide of US President Donald Trump hoping for improvement in strained ties between the two countries.
“I am still hopeful about Pakistan-US relationship and not at all disappointed. Both governments are discussing, weighing options as to how would they deal with each other in future,” said Sajid Tarar.
He said that a few Pakistani politicians of “short stature” have been trying to take benefit from the situation.
“They are misleading the people as if Pakistan and the US are going to war [against each other]. Circumstances are not like that at all,” Tarar, a staunch supporter of President Trump, said in his video message.
He said that Pakistanis living in America have been continuously trying to addresses misunderstandings between the two governments, and to move towards betterment in future.
“Over 70 years of Pak-US relationship cannot end in a month or a week. We will move towards betterment.”
Commenting on US suspension of security assistance to Islamabad, Tarar said that it isn’t permanent and that things are being carefully viewed.
“I request Pakistani politicians to handle these sensitive matters with care, instead of creating panic in the society,” he said, adding that the Pak-US ties will soon improve.