Shoaib Malik takes nasty blow on head in NZ ODI

Pakistan all-rounder and ace batsman Shoaib Malik took a nasty blow on head in unusual circumstances in the fourth one-day international (ODI) against New Zealand at Hamilton’s Seddon Park.
Malik, batting without a helmet or cap, wanted to score a quick single against the spinner in the 32nd over when he was sent back by Mohammad Hafeez to avoid a run out.
Colin Munro threw the ball towards the stumps which hit straight on Malik’s unprotected head. The batsman immediately fell down on the ground and was attended by the team doctor for several minutes.
The pace of Munro’s throw was so quick that the ball went over the boundary line afterwards. Shaoib Malik did not leave the field as he felt no signs of concussion.
The 35-year-old was reassessed after he got out and did not come out for fielding after the innings break owing to symptoms of delayed concussion. The team management has informed that he is doing well and is resting.