Want an end of ‘sultanate of Sharifs’: Tahirul Qadri

Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief Dr Tahirul Qadri Wednesday said no steps would be taken against Pakistan’s constitution and democracy, and that they only want an end of the “sultanate of Sharifs.”
Addressing the allied opposition rally, Qadri thanked leaders and workers from all political parties for attending the show of strength in Lahore. He said that they all had gathered to get justice for the victims of Model Town tragedy.
“Entire political leadership is here to honour humanity, to empower the weak, to give voice to the voiceless,” the PAT chief said.
“We have gathered here to save the country from Sheikh Mujeeb of a new era.”
He lamented that the rights of the people were being usurped and the national treasury plundered in the country.
Qadri maintained that they do not want to sabotage peace in the country. “We only want put an end to your cruelty. If we had to take the law into our own hands, then we would not have tolerated tragedies.”He stressed the protest was aimed at getting justice for the oppressed.
“The purpose of this gathering is to get rid of the enemy. We want to end the sultanate of Sharifs,” he said.