Saba Qamar talks about humiliation she faced at international airport

Saba Qamar recently talked about the humiliation she has been facing at international airports for being a Pakistani.
In a video clip, the Baaghi actor said, “It’s not just Saba Qamar who has been humiliated. In fact, all Pakistanis feel humiliated when they are considered as someone who belongs to a terrorist state.”

Not just #SabaQamar It is the story of every Pakistani.pic.twitter.com/9Fi1CXtr6F
— A a k a n k s h a … (@i_Aakankshha) January 17, 2018
She continued saying, “When our children are killed like flies and we cant get justice for them while we watch terrorists like Hafiz Saeed roam around freely.”
Talking about a recent incident, Saba said, “I went to Tbilisi, Georgia for a film shoot, the entire Indian crew was allowed to go, but I was stopped because of my passport as I belonged to Pakistan. They investigated me properly and only let me go after an interview. And, I realised where do we stand.”

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