Police arrest three suspects of group involved in Zainab’s kidnapping

KASUR – Important development has been made in seven-year-old Zainab’s brutal murder case as the security officers have arrested three suspects of the group involved in her kidnapping.

The suspects, identified as Asif, Umar and Baba Ranjha, told the police that Asif kidnapped Zainab from market and handed her over to Umar, after which she was kept at Baba Ranjha’s house.

On the indication, the officers also launched a search operation at the house where Zainab stayed after abduction.

Meanwhile, as many as 444 people out of 500 have been released after their DNA tests were cleared whereas the detained security guard has also been allowed to go home.

Earlier, District Police Officer (DPO) Kasur Zulfiqar Ahmad had claimed to have attained a major clue in Zainab murder case.

“It may take a week or several years to apprehend criminals involved in such heinous crimes. Police have attained major clues. We will catch the culprit soon”, Zulfiqar told members of the committee.

He stated that decision has been made to install 450 CCTV cameras in Kasur to void Zainab’s ordeal-like incidents.

“Work on installation of cameras will begin within one month”, he added.

Ill-fated seven-year-old Zainab was on her way to Quran recital when she was found raped and murdered which incited protests and outrage in Kasur.