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43 killed after gunmen storm Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul

A GROUP of five gunmen sparked terror after launching a brutal attack at an Intercontinental Hotel which left at least 43 people dead in the Afghan capital Kabul.
The Taliban attackers charged into the luxury five-star hotel at around 9pm local time (4:30pm UK time) before gunning down guests. The gang of militants, who were armed with assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades, included at least one suicide bomber.
More than 43 people are reported to have killed in last night’s siege, which lasted around 12 hours, with many more injured. Officials confirmed that more than 160 people, including 16 foreigners, have been rescued from the hotel.
The Afghan interior ministry spokesman Najib Danish said the attackers’ bodies were also recovered as security forces continued to clear building.
He added: “The security forces are going room-by-room to make sure that there is not any other attackers in the building.”