Police claim to apprehend Zainab’s killer

Police in Kasur claimed on Tuesday to have arrested the man responsible for the heinous rape and murder of seven-year-old Zainab.
The suspect, Imran, who is said to be 35-years-old, was familiar with the minor girl and would also frequent her house, Geo News reported.
Imran is said to be a relative of the deceased and a resident of Kot Road where the young Zainab also resided.
The accused was picked up initially by the police but was let go without testing his DNA. After being let go Imran had fled from Kasur and for a short while was residing in Pak Pattan.
On the orders of the District Police Officer (DPO), certain individuals were rounded-up again and tested which included Imran.
He was picked up five days earlier and interrogated which further confirmed that Imran was, in fact, the perpetrator of the crime.
According to police sources, Imran has confessed to his crime.
Additionally, sources claim that Imran had shaved his beard after the incident which helped him evade arrest till now as the CCTV footage showed a man sporting a beard.