It was necessary to see Zainab’s smiling face, as opposed to her battered body: Nadia Jamil

Nadia Jamil has been quite vocal since the brutal rape and murder of eight-year-old Zainab last week. The actor condemned the murder and shared her own experience of sexual abuse back from when she was just four.
Jamil has given her two cents on child abuse, social awareness and why she put Zainab’s picture on social media.
Talking about how Zainab’s murder and rape case woke Pakistan, the actor said, “It’s not just Zainab. Every day in the newspaper, there are at least five to six stories about minor sexual abuse or murder. This is now new.
The only difference is that now those girls have names. It’s Zainab, Asma or Kainat Batool, who is still in the hospital.”
She continued, “In 2015, however, it was reported that 200, 300 children have been either raped or murdered. The lawyers I’ve been working with revealed that it wasn’t just 200, 300 children but hundreds and thousands of them.”
The justice, she said, was never served to the abused children or the murdered ones. The reason? Jamil believed it happened since the general public decided to keep mum on the matter. Hence, the issue was suppressed.