Nawaz was disqualified by incompetent persons: Captain (r) Safdar

Captain (r) Safdar slammed the judiciary in his latest speech on Wednesday, stating that a conspiracy was in the works against the ruling party and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.
Speaking at a PML-N workers’ convention, the senior PML-N leader said that those who were themselves incompetent had disqualified the former prime minister.
Captain (r) Safdar urged the youth of the country to come forward and become judges of the apex court and pass judgments on merit.
“Young people should become judges so that they pass judgments without feeling any pressure,” he said. “These are not the youngsters who bite the hand that feeds them,” he added.
Referring indirectly to the judiciary, Safdar warned them to respect the sanctity of the vote.
“If you do not respect the sanctity of the vote, you will be dishonoured,” he said. “We are being subjected to injustice–our generations are being exploited,” he added.
He said that for 33 years, the country had been ruled by ‘Yazids’ and that PML-N had been kept away from the system.
Safdar further stated that Nawaz Sharif had fought with his head bowed for the past four-and-a-half years. He said that the former prime minister had tolerated opponents for the sake of the masses.