Pakistan should implement NAP to avoid global criticism: Bilawal

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that the world would not have any case to criticise Pakistan on its role in the war against terrorism if the state follows a holistic approach, like the implementation of the National Action Plan.
Bilawal said that: “Pakistan has given most sacrifices in its fight against terror, we don’t have to eradicate terrorism for Modi or Trump. We have to save Pakistan, and to save it we have to combat with extremism and terrorism.”
Bilawal said that in response to the attacks by Indian Prime Minister Narendara Modi at his sessions in World Economic Forum, Pakistan should present its view to the world, as it has a right to present its stance to the world.
The PPP chairman said that he received response beyond his expectations from the people of Punjab in his recent mass contact movement ahead of the general polls.
“I have visited many places during my mass contact movement, I have spoken in Jalsas, and presence of people was greater than expectations in every jalsa. I am hopeful that we will get response from all over the country,” he added.
He said that his party is the only federal party of Pakistan, which can get seat from every area of the country.
Earlier, while speaking at a session, ‘Fake News versus Real Politics’ in WEF, Bilawal said that misinformation or fake news has long been the component of information warfare, but it can have dangerous consequences.
Bilawal said fake news gained prominence at the time of United States presidential elections.
He added that fake news is going to stay around for ages, but it is the people should educate and empower themselves in order to be updated with the correct information.
Bilawal said politicians use the term to demonise the press, but for credible news one could look up to non-traditional actors who can be a a reliable source.