Zainab’s father claims his brother-in-law caught suspect Imran

In surprising turn of events, the father of Zainab – the 7-year-old victim who was raped and murdered – claimed that his brother-in-law helped catch suspect Imran Ali, discrediting the Punjab government.
Talking to a press conference, Zainab’s father Amin Ensari claimed that his brother-in-law was the first to identify the suspect. He added that his family should have been credited for helping the arrest of Imran.
When asked how he felt when the officials of Punjab government clapped during press conference, he expressed grief and discouraged such behaviour.
He told that he wanted to tell this and present the demands after arrest of the accused. Ensari announced to fight the case of his daughter and appointed Advocate Aftab Bajwa as lawyer.
Bajwa asked the Punjab CM Shehbaz Sharif to stop taking credit of the arrest. He claimed the presence of powerful group behind child pornography videos in Kasur.
He said he will also fight the cases of those suspects killed in alleged extra-judicial killings.