Don’t consider Trump tweet official US policy: PM Abbasi

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said Pakistan does not feel that the US president’s tweet blasting it for providing safe havens to terrorists constitutes official US policy.
“It has to come through an official document or an official meeting to constitute official policy, in our opinion,” the prime minister said in an interview with the Washington Post.
When asked what his response would be to the tweet, PM Abbasi said “the ground realities do not support what President Trump is saying” and reiterated that Pakistan is committed to fighting the war against terror.
“There are no two ways about it. We have assisted the US forces and will continue to assist them. There have been over 1.1 million overflights within our airspace — US aircraft going to Afghanistan and fighting the war there. There have been millions of tons of equipment and cargo going there. There has not been a single instance where if actual intelligence has been provided [to us], it has not been acted upon.”
The prime minister said that the two countries have had good relations in the past 15 years but ties have suffered significantly after Donald Trump’s tweet.
The relations started to suffer after US’ raid in Abbottabad, he said. “Pakistan’s sovereignty was affected. There was a big cry in the public that this is not acceptable. Nobody disputed that Osama was a wanted criminal, but Pakistan should have been informed.”
The prime minister disputed that US was giving any kind of aid to Pakistan, saying that CSF basically reimburses expenditure incurred by Pakistan “that are made in support of US forces in Afghanistan”. The security assistance provided by the US was minimal, he said.
He reiterated that Pakistan has been fighting the war for years and has lost civilians and soldiers to terrorism, besides the economic cost.