Pakistan needs progressive alternative to hate-driven politics, says Bilawal

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto, in his first interview with an Indian media channel, said Pakistan needs a genuine, progressive voice and an alternative to the populist, hate-driven politics done by mainstream political parties.
“PPP has always been a progressive party in Pakistan. That’s the way forward. That’s the kind of politician I want to be. Shehbaz [Sharif] and Imran [Khan] have their own reasons for doing politics. I am doing it for the people,” said Bilawal.
Commenting on the tense relations between the two nuclear neighbours, Bilawal said that while relations between the two countries are not at their best at the moment, giving peace is our only chance.
He, however, added that steps need to be taken on both sides to ensure long-lasting peace, including through back-channel diplomacy.
He emphasised on holding talks as equal partners to resolve the stalemate.
“India and the rest of the world think that they can just dictate Pakistan and that’s not how a partnership works or is built. We need to have a discussion over reservations of both countries with each other,” he said.
Answering a question, the PPP scion said Pakistan needs a strong army as it is engaged in the fight against terrorism.
“It does not serve my purpose or my country’s purpose to criticise my armed forces when they’re fighting terrorists,” said Bilawal when probed further regarding the armed forces.
On being asked whether he chose to be in politics out of his own will, he said, “I didn’t choose this life. It chose me,” adding that he finds great motivation and solace in furthering his mother’s lifelong mission.