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Militants storm military university in Kabul

A military academy has reportedly been rocked by a series of explosions and gunfires in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, while the gun battle between forces and militants is underway.
Local media reports claim that the Marshal Fahim National Defense University located in Qargha district, covering 105-acre area, was stormed early Monday.
It is yet to be known which part of the university came under attack as there are various institutions for armed forces, including National Military Academy of Afghanistan (NMAA), the Afghan National Army Officer Academy (ANAOA), and others.
The security forces have cordoned off the area.
The attack comes days after an ambulance bomb killed over 100 peoples in the center of Kabul and attack on the Hotel Intercontinental where more than 20 people lost their lives.In October 2017, the Marshal Fahim National Defense University also came under attack when 15 Afghan military cadets were killed in a blast outside the academy.
The Taliban had claimed responsibility for these attacks.