Violence on campus: 196 PU students released on bail

As many as 196 students arrested on terrorism charges for their alleged role in vandalising the property of Punjab University (PU) were unexpectedly released on Sunday on the alleged directives of higher-ups.
On January 22, two student groups had clashed over a cultural event at PU. According to the varsity’s administration, a student group attacked another over their preparations for the ‘pioneer festival’ in the Electrical Engineering Department. The students were seen attacking each other with batons and pelting bricks. They also torched a room inside the department and broke a number of windows of cars parked in the varsity’s premises
Upon worsening of the situation, authorities called in the police who dispersed the students immediately.
The suspects were released on Sunday from jail after getting bail as the terror charges against them were waived off on direction of high-level government figures, sources informed.
Police had registered three cases against the suspects on behalf of the university administration and two SHOs of the local police stations.
Chief Minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif had taken notice of the case and ordered CPO Lahore to submit a report of the incident.
PU Vice Chancellor Dr Mohammad Zakria Zakar had said those involved in disturbing the peace at the varsity were being identified using CCTV footage adding that strict action would be taken against them.
“Not only will they be removed from the university, there will be legal action against them,” Zakar said.