Aizaz Chaudhry slams ‘miscreants’ for running ‘Free Karachi’ campaign in US

Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States Aizaz Chaudhry on Tuesday said that certain miscreants who destroyed peace in Karachi are now running campaigns demanding the city’s separation using foreign funding.
The ambassador said that these people do not represent the views of the masses in the US and cannot pressure [Pakistan into making any decision].
“They have faced insulting defeat. They have been exposed. How do they know what is happening in Karachi. Business is booming, there is peace in Karachi today,” said Chaudhry.
According to media reports, ads with “Free Karachi” and anti-Pakistan messages had appeared on cabs and billboards in the US. Pakistan strongly protested the posters, after which the US assured it that it does not support any such group.
Commenting on US reservations about Haqqani network, the ambassador said Pakistan “has told” Taliban and Haqqanis that they should return to Afghanistan.
“And there we want all Taliban factions[and other stakeholders] to take part in a political reconciliation process,” he said, adding that Pakistan does not believe there is a military solution to the Afghan conflict.
The ambassador further said that Pakistan also has reservations India is using the role being given to it in Afghanistan against Pakistan.
Answering a question regarding bills introduced in Senate to stop US aid to Pakistan, Chaudhry dismissed the matter as nothing serious, and said such bills are often presented by individuals but are never see the light of the day.
“Learned people in the US know that maintaining a relationship with Pakistan is very important,” he added.
He also said that US has no reasons to have concerns about Pakistan’s nuclear programme.