Judiciary Must Maintain Respect For Others: Nawaz

Former Prime Minister and President PML, Mian Nawaz Sharif said on Friday that judiciary must maintain the respect for others.
Addressing to gathering of lawyers in Karachi, former Prime Minister again criticized judiciary and said that judges have right to decide but they do not have right to disrespect anyone.During his speech, Nawaz lauded the lawyers’ endeavours during the movement to restore judiciary, saying it would always be remembered. “The movement was not for restoration of a few judges.”
However, judiciary was restored but justice has yet to be provided, Nawaz added. He said 38,000 cases were pending for hearing in Supreme Court until November 2017.
“Now, a movement will be started to restore [provision of] justice.”
At a gathering, Nawaz welcomed Pakistan Bar Council member Yasin Azad to PML-N.“The addition of important lawyers to PML-N will prove to be an asset for the party,” Nawaz said. He added 40 other lawyers, including Azad, have joined PML-N.
Earlier, speaking to a gathering of Pak Muslim Alliance merger in PML N, he said that PML N Govt has always tried to resolve the problems of common man. He said that all the political governments should be allowed to complete their tenure.
Former Prime Minister said that it is not justified that five men decide the fate of two hundred million people. He said that I was elected Prime Minister of the country but I was ousted only by five individuals.