Death anniversary of Chaudhry Rehmat Ali being observed today

Chaudhry Rehmat Ali, the Muslim leader who coined the word Pakistan is being remembered on the occasion of his death anniversary today.
Chaudhry Rehmat Ali was born in Hoshiarpur district of eastern Punjab on November 16, 1897. He proposed the advice first time in 1915 during the inauguration session of Bazm-e-Shibli in Islamia College Lahore that northern ares of Hindustan shall be changed in a Muslin state.
He went to England in 1929 where he published a pamphlet tilted Now or Never on January 25, 1933 . in this pamphlet he had presented a notion of separate homeland for Muslims of subcontinent and proposed its name ‘Pakistan’.
However Chaudhry Rehmat Ali dream came to true on August 1947 but he was not satisfied of geographical location of Pakistan. He came to Pakistan in 1948 but had returned back to England by having hopeless of Muslim League leadership’s behaviour after Quaid-e-Azam death, where he had died on February 03, 1951 in a hospital of Cambridge in the condition of illness and there laid to rest.