Nehal Hashmi does not have any heart ailment at the moment, PIMS doctors

A two-member medical team from Islamabad’s Pims hospital on Saturday found no evidence of any heart problems in imprisoned former senator Nehal Hashmi.
Hashmi, a PML-N politician, was on Thursday sentenced to a month in prison and barred from holding public office for the next five years by the Supreme Court as punishment for a contemptuous speech he made.
The now incarcerated lawmaker was formally denotified from his Senate seat on Friday by the Election Commission of Pakistan. As soon as he was sent to Adiala Jail, the lawmaker had complained of chest pains, after which some of his fellow party workers had pushed for his transfer to Pims.
A Pims medical team visited the jail on Saturday and, after a checkup, found that Hashmi only had cold, flu and seemed to be suffering from stress.
The doctors said they had found nothing out of the ordinary with Hashmi’s heart, also noting that his blood pressure was normal.