State will lose balance if judiciary doesn’t perform: CJP

Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar said on Saturday that judiciary is the most important pillar of the state.
The CJP Saqib Nisar remarked this while addressing the National Judicial Policymaking Committee (NJPC) meeting today.
The top judge urged the community of judges to join his campaign of justice. “I bow my head to you to become part of my campaign and start delivering justice. We have to enforce the fundamental rights of the people. This is our responsibility,” he urged.
“Constitution is the supreme document of any country,” he remarked, adding that parliament has the authority to make laws. “Our job is to uphold the sanctity of the law.”
Integrity, honesty, uprightness are the virtues of a good judge, stressed CJP Saqib Nisar, adding that the judges should not worry about getting more benefits. “We are one of highest paid government servants… so let us deliver.”
He urged the judiciary to continue working with passion and intelligence. The CJP pointed out that the hurdles being faced by the lawyers are not “insurmountable”.
“I have seen many passionate judges, who worked in unfavourable conditions. This [court proceedings] should be considered as work. The Chief Justice of Canada resigned and said this work was his passion but now it seems like a job. I don’t want a job,” said the Chief Justice of Pakistan.
“We have to work hard for country’s progress and improvement,” he stressed.
Reminiscing the olden times, the CJP said that the lawyers used to follow certain decorum to not affect the judge’s attention in court. “The lawyers made no noise in the courtroom; they used to bow before the bench and pulled their chairs quietly.”
Over the issues pertaining to the staff and administration control of judiciary, the CJP remarked: “Your staff should be under your administrative control. But, your control should not be under the federal government but your chief justices. We will work out a plan for this as per country’s law.”
The meeting, which is being held in Supreme Court, seeks to overview the performance of the judiciary in the country.
The committee last met on January 13 in the apex court’s Karachi registry and will continue in today’s meeting its deliberations on measures being taken to check delays in court cases besides getting rid of the huge backlog, The News reported.
The chief justice, in his addresses to gatherings as well as in meetings, has vowed to introduce reforms in the sector to ensure speedy justice.
Addressing media on January 13, Justice Nisar had said the judiciary needs a major overhaul to ensure provision of inexpensive and speedy justice to the people.