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German court imposed Ban On Azan

The German court adjourned the local couple’s complaint against the azan in loudspeaker.
According to details, a loudspeaker was imposed in the mosque situated in Orah Ericenchuk, a nearby town of Durham,Germany.
The 69-year-old Hans Yakim Lemman filed a complaint along her wife in the local court with the ban of loud speaker in Masjid.
The applicant stressed that beliefs are expressed through words in Azan and the listener is forced to attend prayer and it is the hypocrisy of their Christian beliefs and religious freedom.
Appealing loud speaker promoting the court verdict, he said that authorities allowed the loudspeaker to take place in the mosque keeping the rules abundant.
The local court of Germany denied the standpoint of the petitioner that Azan is against his religious freedom.
Remember that on January 27, the world-renowned British referee Mark Kleinberg won the hearts of the Muslims by stopping the match in respect of Azan.