Jigra Participants Hurl Shoes, Bottles on PPP Leader

Angry members of the Mehsud tribe staging a sit-in for the arrest of absconding cop Rao Anwar — threw shoes and bottles on a PPP delegation during a press conference in Islamabad earlier today.
According to details, when the PPP leader Fida Paracha reached the Mehsud tribe sit in set up before the Islamabad National Press Club, he faced embarrassing situation. He was greeted with bottles and shoes from the crowd, as soon as he took the stage to address the protestors — who entered the fourth day of their sit-in outside the National Press Club on Monday.
The PPP leader told the protesters that he came there for carrying a message of party leader, however people did not hear his words and started chanting slogans of shame, shame.
Protesters lashing PPP co-chairman Zardari said that they have not need sympathy of Asif Zardari, on which Fida Paracha returned without addressing protesters.