Reham Khan says left Pakistan after receiving threats

Reham Khan, the former wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, has stated that she had left Pakistan after receiving threats.
Reham Khan said, “Presently, I am in severe depression and also angered. Due to threats, I took my daughter out of school and have left the country.”
She went on to say, “I was unable to speak truth in Pakistan as not a single party supported me there.”
Reham said that it is a battle that she can not fight while staying in Pakistan.
Earlier, Reham Khan, in an interview with Indian TV Channel on Saturday, revealed some interesting facts about his personal and political life.
She talked about her marriage and Khan’s third marriage with Bushra Bibi which he still conceals despite disclosure and insistence he’d just proposed her. What’s the myth behind it is beyond her.
In the interview from Islamabad, Reham openly talked about the personal and political life of Imran Khan. Asked if Imran was also a good player in the actual life like he was in the field, Reham said he’s good at entering the wedlock than being a good life partner.
“But making marriages and leading these relations are two different aspects. If the behaviour is good and there is a bona fide intention to lead this relation, then this relationship does not end in divorce,” she said.