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Dozens injured as 44 vehicles collide in Abu Dhabi

At least 22 people sustained injuries as 44 vehicles collided in a single day in Abu Dhabi due to fog.
Authorities in the capital city have cautioned motorists to choose alternate routes after two multi-vehicle mishaps cause scores of cars to collapse on the major highway linking Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
The accident, causing injuries to 18 people, reportedly took place during the early morning hours, and brought the traffic to a standstill.
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According to Abu Dhabi police, the first accident occurred at the Al Samha bridge, backlogging the traffic on the highway. Police added that it was caused due to heavy fog.
Four more people sustained injuries in another accident near Al Ain. Police posted a footage of the wreckage online as the officials and the paramedics rushed to the scene.
It also called upon the public “to be cautious and leave a safe distance between vehicles during the fog.”