This iPhone X lookalike is much cheaper than the original

Chinese smartphone maker Oukitel has launched a new smartphone ‘Oukitel U18’ that is a clone to the iPhone X.
Light on the pocket, the phone costs less than a quarter of the price of Apple’s premium phone.
The front side of the phone is almost identical to iPhone X and is worth $160 contrasting to the iPhone X that starts at $1,000.
With similar features, U18 has a nearly edge-to-edge display, Face ID technology and a notch at the top of the screen to fit the camera and facial-recognition hardware.
The difference between the two phones can be spotted from the U18’s size which is a bit bigger, has a wider bottom bezel, and has its entire buttons on the right side of the device. Otherwise, the two devices are practically twins.
U18 has a vertically oriented camera that is situated in the center of the device rather than on the left side, where it is on the iPhone X.
The U18 also has a fingerprint scanner, which Apple did away with on the iPhone X. Plus, the U18 runs Android and has USB-C charging.
The device comes in two colors: black and gold.