Fahad Mirza takes up the challenge to do Sajid Hasan’s scalp reconstructive surgery

Sajid Hasan’s harrowing account of hair transplant gone wrong raised concern for the actor across the country.
But now it seems like he’s in good hands and he will finally receive the surgery and treatment needed for his scalp.
Actor and plastic surgeon Fahad Mirza uploaded a video on Instagram with Hasan by his side wearing a hospital gown, bandages on his scalp – right before heading into the operation theatre.
“We’re taking Sajid bhai in for scalp reconstruction surgery,” said Mirza dressed in scrubs. “We should get Sajid bhai back into acting looking as great as always.”
“That’s his promise, he better stay true to it,” replied Hasan laughingly.
Earlier this month, Hasan underwent a hair transplant procedure without any tests, though he knows now that that isn’t standard procedure. He said that the doctor, whom he left unnamed, just laid him down and attempted the hair transplant on him.
“I fell ill the next day,” shares Hasan. “For 10-15 days, I was in bed with a fever and infection and the doctor just kept assuring me that I’ll get better.” Hasan revealed that the doctor would only cleanse his scalp with saline water when we would go in for check-ups.
“It’s been one month of a lot of suffering for me and family. I’ve lost out on some work. Through this video, I want to raise awareness about the importance of research. Everyone should check 10 times before undergoing a procedure and opt for the right surgeon.”