Those Who Had To Announce Verdict Hurling Abuses: Maryam Nawaz

Daughter of Former Prime Minister and PML-N Leader Maryam Nawaz on Sunday said that those who had to announce verdict in Nawaz Sharif case had already given their verdicts by hurling abuses against the former prime minister.
Addressing a public gathering in Sheikhupura, she said that this is the third time Nawaz Sharif was ousted like this.
“Not even a single time he is removed by the people of the country instead those who had ruined the sanctity of vote had removed him every time.”
“This is the case of a person who is voted into power by the masses,” she said and further asked if the crowd accepts the decision to disqualify and oust Nawaz Sharif.
She asked as to will this continue to happen again and again to an elected prime minister or people would stood against it.
The injustice is continuing and earlier he was not allowed to attend his father’s funeral and now an attempt is being made to halt him from meeting his ailing wife in London.
She said that whenever Nawaz Sharif comes into power he served the masses but every time he is stopped from serving the masses.
She said that Nawaz Sharif is the one who is loved by masses and since last 40 years, the love for him has increased.
We all are the soldiers of Nawaz Sharif and are united under the flag of Nawaz Sharif, she said.