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Bahrain: Five years in jail for Nabeel Rajab’s tweets

A Bahraini court sentenced human rights activist to five years to prison for criticizing Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen and violence against the country in Yemen.
Bahrain’s protest leader Nabil Rajab criticized the whole world on this matter in two eleven elephants, according to the Navy Agency AP report.
Nabeel Rajab told Saudi television, including Bahrain in the first television interview. The capital of the five-year-old flat was criticized for two years due to the criticism.
Neil Reiz has been arrested as a result of Bahrain’s protest in 2016. During the Nebal Rajab, heart attack and other medical problems, due to this, many hospitals were also admitted.
Saudi Arabia is a close ally in Bahrain and last year was involved in other diplomatic relations in Saudi Arabia’s decision to eliminate diplomatic relations.