Chief Justice says started to rid society of injustice

Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar said on Thursday that the judiciary has started to eliminate injustice from society.
“We have started to rid society of injustice,” Justice Nisar told members of the bar during an event, adding that the judiciary wanted to provide the public with swift and easy access to justice.
The Supreme Court chief justice said everyone is on board that there should be rule of law in the country. “There should be a strong judicial system and rule of law is necessary for the country’s survival.”
Outlining the role of judges, he stated that a judge has to think about what not to say.
“Rule of law means equality of law for all,” he said, adding that a strong judicial system is necessary for society to function.
Moreover, the chief justice said that he is very confident that the judiciary is performing very well, compared to a year ago.
Referring to a recent comment on television by someone who criticised his “I’m a fighter” remarks made in a judgment earlier, Chief Justice Nisar clarified that he is fighting to rid society from the menace of injustice.
“We don’t have to engage in conflict with anyone,” he said, adding that their fight is with themselves.