PML-N Being Made Victim of Terrifying Revenge: Saad Rafique

The outspoken leader of ruling party PML-N again targeting media and institutions on Wednesday and said that his party leaders were being made the victim of revenge, however, they would not come under their blackmailing and threats.
“PTI, Media and negative elements are attempting hard to prove PML-N leaders thieves, traitors and corrupts, however I will always abide with constitution, democracy and never left Nawaz Sharif alone,” he said in his statement on social media website Twitter.

ھمیں خوفناک انتقام کا نشانہ بنایا جا رھا ھے۔اب بھی وقت ھے بس کر دیں ملک کو میرٹ پر چلنے دیا جاۓ۔ملک کے دشمن پاکستان پر اور ھم ایک دوسرے پر حملہ آور ھیں۔
— Khawaja Saad Rafique (@KhSaad_Rafique) February 28, 2018
He mentioned, “Enemies are attacking Pakistan but we are attacking each other, there is no frontman and back man as I never done any wrongdoing and declared my all assets,” he continued, “However, we do not want a clash with anyone but will never bow down on gunpoint.”
 He lashed out at PTI chairman Imran Khan he should frighten from Allah’s torment over false allegations on others and soon will trap in his own lies.

کوٸ فرنٹ مین ھے نہ بیک مینجو اثاثہ بھی ھے ڈیکلئرڈ ھے۔کبھی ناجائز کام کیا نہ کوٸ کروا سکتا ھے۔
— Khawaja Saad Rafique (@KhSaad_Rafique) February 28, 2018
“Imran is moral-less and shameless person, a giant enemy of democracy and puppet of anti-democratic forces and he and his followers can’t deface the truth by making hue and cry,” he said while deploring on Imran.
He reminded that his party has made a long struggle for the growth of democracy and constitution, therefore they will never go waste such a great struggle for the supremacy of people and democracy.

عمران ھر طرح کی اخلاقیات سے عاری بے حیا شخص ھے۔جمہوریت دشمن عناصر کا سب سے بڑا مہرہ عمران ھی ھے۔
— Khawaja Saad Rafique (@KhSaad_Rafique) February 28, 2018
He praising family sacrifices for politics said that his family has laid two lives for the free and transparent democracy and he spent entire life for the motion of politics of principles.

بہت سے چیخے شور مچا کر سچ کو جھوٹ میں نہیں بدل سکتے۔ھم نے اس ملک میں آئین اور جمہوریت کی آبیاری کے لئے طویل جدوجہد کی ھے۔عوامی بالا دستی اور جمہور کی حکمرانی کی جدوجہد کو رائگاں نہیں جانے دیں گے۔
— Khawaja Saad Rafique (@KhSaad_Rafique) February 28, 2018