Rawalpindi woman dies from jumping off fifth floor as man fires shots

A woman died while another was injured when a man opened fire in the house they had gathered for a party in Rawalpindi.
The two women jumped off the fifth floor of the building after the firing.
The incident took place in an apartment of a residential building in Rawalpindi. A man, identified as Shiraz, had rented the vacant apartment of his friend, Nadir, and arranged a party with two women.
Nadir reached the spot while the party was going on. ‘Outraged’ at the party, he opened fire inside the house. As a result, the two women jumped out of the apartment’s balcony and one of them died on the spot. The other woman is under treatment at a hospital. Doctors said her condition was critical.
According to the DSP looking into the case, the women had tried to save their lives by rushing to the window where there was a wooden slab. They accidentally slipped from the slab, he said, adding that facts can only be ascertained after the post-mortem.
The mother of the deceased woman said that her daughter was married and leaves behind a daughter. According to her, the deceased woman had left saying that she was going out with friends.
Nadir and Shiraz fled the scene after the incident. Police are looking for the suspects.