Police arrest suspect who shot and threw woman from fifth floor

Police arrested on Tuesday two suspects accused of shooting and then throwing a 22-year-old girl from the fifth floor of a building.
Police said that the owner of the apartment, along with his friend, was arrested today.
According to police, the owner of the apartment, outside which Bisma’s body was found, was involved in her murder.
Police said that during a party an argument took place between the apartment’s owner Nadir Khan and Bisma, following which he shot at her and threw her from the building.
Police said that after the incident, Bisma’s friend Shumaila jumped from the building in terror.
The main suspect Nadir Khan and Zulqarnain are in custody on physical remand.
Deceased Bisma’s mother spoke to Geo News and said that she is not aware of Bisma’s contention with anyone.
She said that police told her that a case has been registered, however, they have not informed her about any update in the case.
The mother said that Bisma was separated from her husband and had a daughter, adding that after her separation she was living with her.