Contempt case: SC to indict State Interior Minister Tallal Chaudry on March 14

The Supreme Court decided on Thursday to indict State Interior Minister Tallal Chaudry in a contempt of court case.
A three-judge bench headed by Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan heard the contempt case against the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader today.
The bench decided to frame charges against the minister at the next hearing on March 14, when Chaudry has been summoned in person.
At the last hearing on Tuesday, Chaudry appeared before the court where his counsel, Kamran Murtaza, said Chaudry submitted his response to the court’s show-cause notice.
The hearing was then adjourned for March 8 (today), and Chaudry was granted an exemption from appearing owing to a commitment.
On February 24, the minister had requested the court to withdraw the case, stating that scandalising the court or doing anything that tends to bring the court into ‘hatred, ridicule or contempt’ is ‘not even the last thing on the respondent’s mind.’
“Whatever has been said might have been taken into account without relevance to the context due to media reporting,” Chaudry had written in his initial response.
The apex court had initiated contempt proceedings against Chaudry on account of “derogatory and contemptuous speeches/statements” with regard to the court, according to a notification issued on February 2.