N-League Claims Required Numbers for Senate Chairman

The ruling party PML-N claimed to have required number of votes for Senate chairman and deputy chairman and firm believe its candidate will become the new chairman Senate.
The claimed appeared in the party consultative meeting, after the 4-member committee on Senate report, with the chair of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday .
The 4-member committee report revealed that most of the parties backed the Nawaz Sharif suggestion and they assured their full support in Chairman and deputy chairman election.
Committee claimed after the support of other political parties N-League can easily elect its candidate.In the light of the report, meeting has decided to select name for Senate chairman from PML-N and deputy chairman form allied parties, however the names yet not finalized and meeting is still mulling over the names.
It is pertinent to say that a day earlier Nawaz Sharif offered PPP to bring Raza Rabbani as joint chairman Senate candidate, however Zardari turned down his offer.