ECP Formally Notifies Successful Candidates in Senate

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Friday formally notified all candidates, who were successfully been elected in the Senate polls conducted on March 3.
Names of the five senators-elect were withheld from the notifications as they are accused of possessing dual nationalities. Sources in the ECP said their notifications were not issued in light of the Supreme Court’s orders regarding the matter.Earlier this week, the SC had ordered the commission to withhold the notifications of senators-elect who possess dual nationality until they are able to prove they have surrendered all other nationalities except their Pakistani nationality, as claimed in their affidavits submitted to the ECP.
The affected are four senators-elect from Punjab Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s Chaudhry Sarwar, PML-N’s Humayoun Akhtar, Nuzhat Sadiq and the prime minister’s sister, Sadia Abbasi and one from Balochistan Khuda Babar.The fate of these five is to be decided tomorrow by the SC, which will determine whether they will be able to vote for a Senate chairman on March 12.