Tried not to compromise on principles, Rabbani says in farewell address

Outgoing Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani on Friday said that has tried not to compromise on his principles, rule of law and supremacy of the Constitution.
He said this in his farwell address to the Senate. Rabbani, who was re-elected to the upper house on March 3, expressed his gratitude to all senators and standing committees for cooperating with him.
“It was due to the collective leadership of the Senate not just the chairman that this house was able to be run,” he said.
Rabbani was elected chairman of the upper house of the Parliament in March 25. He has also served as the Leader of the House and Opposition in the Senate.
The PPP on Wednesday had said it won’t field Rabbani again for the slot, after PML-N-led opposition parties offered PPP to support him if he contests again.