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Suspected US drone strike kills at least six alleged terrorists near border

A suspected US drone strike near the Pak-Afghan border killed at least six alleged terrorists on Monday.
Those killed, in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province, reportedly belonged to global terror group Daesh. 
Sources added that posts were also destroyed in the suspected drone attack and the dead included Daesh commander Dawood Mehsud’s son.
On March 7, another suspected US drone strike in the Afghan province of Kunar killed at least 20 suspected terrorists.
The terrorists reportedly belonged to the proscribed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). Among those killed was an individual responsible for training suicide attackers, Ustad Yaseen, and multiple suicide bombers. 
Coalition drone attacks have repeatedly targetted the regions along the Pak-Afghan border in an attempt to interdict the flow of militants and to neutralise high-value targets.