Lawmakers Submit Fake Affidavit to Get Residence in Lodges

A report Revealed that various lawmakers, who elected after proving themselves honest and righteous[Sadiq and Amin], have submitted fake affidavit to get the residence in parliament lodges.
The several parliamentarians despite having personal residence have submitted fake documents to get the residence in parliament lodges, report said.
Following the report the Senate secretariat have started probe of lawmakers affidavits that revealed some of them have submitted fake affidavits.As per law the parliamentarian who had personal residence in Islamabad can’t eligible to get home in parliament lodges.
According to sources, Senator Rehman Malik, Talha Mehmood, Liaqat Turkai and Attique Sheikh got the residence in parliament lodges after submitting fake affidavits.
Sources told that the membership of the parliamentarians who submitted fake affidavits can be challenged.