DG ISPR urged India to stop trying to destablise Pakistan

Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor is addressing the media in Rawalpindi.
“The last year in Pakistan was very eventful. It was a big deal for security organisations due to the Pakistan Super League and 23rd March. All went well and the great thing is that the people participated with great passion,” he said.
“There was a bit of inconvenience; students had exams from which we learned that we should have coordinated with other departments.
“The fans were very well organised. This was a proud moment for the public, rangers, security organisations and intelligence agencies.”The DG ISPR urged India to stop trying to destablise Pakistan, saying: “Pakistan has played a positive character for peace in the region. If India promotes instability in Pakistan through Afghanistan or the LOC it will not be in India’s best interests either.”
The DG ISPR talked about the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), saying: “We wish for CPEC to be successful, it will bring prosperity to the whole region. If India sees it as a threat, it will negatively affect the region. If our contributions are seen as negative, this will affect the region’s stability.
Maj Gen Ghafoor discussed Pak-Saudi relations, hinting that the army will send its troops to the kingdom due to a bilateral agreement between the two nations.
“General Bajwa went to Saudi Arabia and had talks,” he said. “I feel the need to mention here that since 1982 we have had a bilateral pact with Saudi Arabia. The forces have not gone so far but will go after proper coordination. They have nothing to do with IMCTC but with the bilateral agreement.
“It’s just not Saudi that we have a bilateral agreement with. It is a usual practice. Even Iranian pilots are in receiving training in Pakistan.”
The DG ISPR said that operations in Fata are going smoothly, which is why the army has shifted its focus towards the betterment of Balochistan.
“Fata operations are moving towards stability which is why we have shifted the focus to Balochistan,” he said. “IBOs are taking place in Balochistan.
He identified “water, electricity and communication” as the three basic issues of Balochistan and offered the government the armed forces’ full support in bringing stability to the province.