First look of LG’s new mobile emerges

The new LG flagship will be called the LG G7 after all, with the addition of some new extra branding
LG is hard at work on a new flagship handset due to arrive inside 2018, but it s something of a mystery what it will be called, as it s alleged LG is dropping the “G-series” naming convention. Many of the specs and details also remain elusive, but some information has been scraped together.
Apparently the LG G7 s display notch will be “optional”, in a sense, as in, it will be a permanent physical feature of the phone, however, users will be able to toggle software features on and off which effect how the phone displays UI elements around it.
A video from Ynet shows the LG G7 being used and shows the display running in two different modes, one clearly shows the notch as visible, with the homescreen extending up into the two display portions either side of the notch.