Pakistan won war against terrorism, while rest of the world failed: PM Abbasi

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi remarked on Thursday that Pakistan won the war against terrorism, while rest of the world failed.
“Pakistan is a leader in the war against terrorism. Tell me the name of another country which sent 20,000 soldiers to fight terrorists,” he remarked while addressing the closing ceremony of International Counter-Terrorism Forum in Islamabad.
The PM shared that the Army Public School incident became a turning point and the entire nation resolved to develop a strategy to counter terrorism. “The nation stood united in the fight against terrorism.”
Radical actions were required to root out the menace of terrorism, he added. “If you look at the polling stations, the people of Pakistan have always rejected radicalisation.”
We have countered extremism by developing a public stance on terrorism, he said.
On relations with Afghanistan, the premier shared “nobody wants peace in Afghanistan more than us.” However, he remarked that the way forward is through dialogue and not war.
“War will not deliver peace in Afghantion. Peace will only come through dialogue.”
The premier negated the claims of terrorist sanctuaries operating in Pakistan. “We do not believe that there are terrorist sanctuaries in Pakistan. On the other hand, there are terrorist sanctuaries in Afghanistan, which are being used to target Pakistan.”
On the issue of occupied Kashmir, PM Abbasi shared that the IoK issue will only be resolved through the implementation of UN Security Council resolution.
“The international community should accept what is going in Kashmir, atrocities are being committed, human rights are being violated. People of all ages are being targeted.”
He added, “We are firm in our resolve to ensure country’s economic progress.”