India trying to crush people’s struggle in occupied Kashmir: FO

Pakistan expresses solidarity with the people of Jammu and occupied Kashmir, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal.
In his weekly press briefing on Thursday, Dr Faisal remarked that India is trying to crush the struggle of people in Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK).
Pakistan is willing to bear all expenses for the treatment of people injured in IoK, he added.
The new wave of Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir led to Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi calling a special meeting to review the situation in IoK.
The PM expressed deep shock at indiscriminate killings in occupied Kashmir, shared that foreign office spokesperson.
Dr Faisal remarked that the ministry is in the process of sending representatives to several countries in order to advocate for the rights of Kashmiris. 
Before the beginning of the briefing, a video was played for the foreign ambassadors present today. The video showed the recent Indian atrocities and human rights violations in occupied Kashmir. 
In the last few days, the situation in Kashmir has escalated with Indian forces killing more than 20 innocent civilians.
Dr Faisal told the ambassadors that countless young men have been killed in the recent clashes. 
We have seen unauthorised use of pellet guns on women and children, he added.
He also said that Pakistan condemns the attack by the Indian forces. 
Those killed in the recent attacks were in the age bracket of 19 to 27 years, with some of them being PhD scholars and Hafiz-e-Qur’an (people who have completely memorised the Holy Quran). 
Dr Faisal urged the international community to take notice of the human rights violations taking place in Kashmir at the moment. He also said the United Nations should conduct an inquiry into the matter. 
Replying to a question, Dr Faisal said that Pakistan is ready to sit down with India and engage in dialogue. 
However, India has been skipping the question of sitting down with its neighbouring country. 
Dr Faisal also apprised the media of the PM’s visit to Kabul tomorrow, in which the premier will discuss cross-border ties, return of Afghan refugees and resolution of terrorism.