Amnesty scheme seeks to provide relief to people of Pakistan :PM Abbasi

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said on Saturday that Pakistan is and will always be democratic.
While addressing an event in Kharan, the premier shared that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has always worked for the benefit of people.
“The name of Nawaz Sharif is synonymous with success,” he shared. “Progress doesn’t come from false promises. PML-N has proved that it will work towards country’s progress.”
While referring to the upcoming general elections, the premier shared “the decision which will be made in July will seal the fate of Pakistan for next five years.”
He said that people have to make a crucial choice between two sides. “On one side there is politics of serving people and truth. While on the other side, there is politics of hurling abuses and lies,” he remarked.
“The decision lies with you [the people].
“People have rejected the politics of hurling abuses. I know that PML-N will come into power again after upcoming general elections.”
He remarked that God knows what will happen to the nation if people who are not even loyal to one another come to power.
Speaking regarding the recently announced amnesty scheme, the premier shared that the scheme seeks to provide relief to people of Pakistan.
PM announces tax reforms package, amnesty scheme for non-filers and undeclared assets
“We have slashed the rates of tax by almost half. We want people to be able to pay taxes,” he said.
Taking a dig at those opposing the scheme, he remarked that such people should share details of their taxes with everyone.
“Paying tax is the responsibility of every citizen. Those opposing the scheme would tell us if they are paying the taxes or not,” he added.
Earlier in the day, PM Abbasi performed the groundbreaking of Yakmach-Kharan road and inaugurated the Khuzdar-Shahdadkot section of M8. The project has been completed at an estimated cost of Rs15million.
Both projects are part of government’s plan to strengthen road network in the province.