Eight PML-N lawmakers quit party, vow to make south Punjab separate province

As many as eight Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz lawmakers, including six MNAs and two MPAs, parted ways with the ruling party on Monday, announcing the launch of a mass movement to make southern Punjab a separate province.
“The purpose of the press conference is to announce the movement to create a new province,” Khusro Bakhtiar said while addressing a press conference in Lahore along with other disgruntled leaders.
“Making South Punjab a separate province is our one-point agenda,” he said.
Bakhtiar, who is a member of the National Assembly from a PML-N seat, has previously served as minister of state for foreign affairs. Along with him, Tahir Iqbal (MNA from Vehari), Rana Muhammad Qasim (MNA from Multan), Basit Bukhari (MNA from Muzaffargarh), Sardar Dareshak and Saleemullah Chauhdry also announced that they were quitting the PML-N.
Stating that they will create a separate province for southern Punjab, Bakhtiar said, “Poverty rate is higher than 51% in southern Punjab.”
“The creation of a separate province for southern Punjab is a one-point agenda,” he added.
“I greatly admire and respect Lahore but cannot forget the pain of south Punjab where my ancestors are buried,” Bakhtiar added explaining the need for a separate province.
Bakhtiar added that the people and politicals of south Punjab are with him and will soon join their alliance.
The lawmakers said their alliance will be led by former interim prime minister Balakh Sher Mazari.