Public decision will be in Nawaz’s favour in July: PM Abbasi

Giving his remarks on Friday’s verdict by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said that his party accepts the decision regarding disqualification for life, however, public decision during general elections in July this year will be in Nawaz Sharif’s favour.
Speaking on the issue of separate Punjab province after inaugurating the 45-kilometer long section of National Highway-5 linking Jalapur Pirwala with Uch Sharif areas of South Punjab, the prime minister said that new provinces should be created only through political consensus as no single party could bring about a constitutional amendment, nor it should do.
The prime minister said all political parties should incorporate the demand of new provinces in their manifestos and hold dialogue after general election to evolve consensus on the subject.
“The same demand exists in KP, Sindh and Balochistan. People also talk of South Punjab. People also talk of Hazara and South KP. This is a political dialogue. All political parties should join their heads as no single party can decide it,” he remarked.
Referring to some parliamentarians of the Pakistan Muslim League-N who had recently announced their resignations in a press conference, calling for a South Punjab province, the prime minister said they had been the part of the PML-N government for last five years and they should have raised the issue there.
Holding press conferences two months before the election will not help resolve public issues. Public representation is not made through press conferences but by public service, the prime minister remarked.
He recalled that it was only the PML-N that had got passed resolution for South Punjab and Bahwalpur provinces.
The prime minister, who earlier unveiled the plaque of the project, said the Seraiki people always showed loyalty to PML-N and elected the representatives who served them as well as the country. He hoped that the PML-N would stand victorious in next polls as the party had executed record development projects, having no comparison with the performance of government’s during the last 65 years.
He said the PML-N’s performance always haunted its opponents and they very characteristic would take it to lead the next election.
He said the credit of accomplishing all half-complete projects of its predecessors also went to PML-N government, be it Lowari Tunnel, Kachi Canal, Neelum Jhelum or the one inaugurated on the day.
Prime Minister Abbasi told the gathering that the project had cost Rs 5 billion and said that his party always ensured the completion of development projects.
Since its inception, only 20,000 megawatt were produced in the country, but the incumbent government executed power projects to inject another 10,400MW to national grid, he added.
He also drew comparison between the development works, done in the opposition-led Sindh and KP provinces and those in the Punjab.